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Welcome to Crystal Lamps

Please do take a look at some of our beautiful crystal lamps all the way from South Africa ...... and now available to you.

Each of our lamps will be viewed in its most unique, individual & untouched formation, as natural as the day it was mined.

There is an immediate bond made when you know, set eyes upon or touch the lamp that is meant for you.

Why choose one of our lamps? 

Simply because, each lamp, be it Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz,  Amethyst, Selenite, Agate, Mexican White Onyx or Himalayan Salt Rock will be 'Uniquely exquisite & captivating.

The Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Agate,White Onyx & Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps are personally selected  by ourselves  for their ambiance, colour, shape or just that something!   No two are exactly the same, each one is unique.

 Rose Quartz
"Love and Harmony”

Love and Light all in one package

  - Trust 
  - Self worth
  - Friendships
  - Emotional Harmony
  - Compassion and Forgiveness
  - Peace and Unconditional Love
       Chakra:   Heart

Where should this be placed:

Rose Quartz makes an ideal bedside light or it may be placed in your TV area or in your entrance hall to welcome all who enter with love.  Absorbs EMF energy, transmutes Negative Energy into Positive Energy.

To order one of these beauties, please e-mail us at:

'A Grade' only (+/- 4kg 9lbs) 
From £65.00 UK Mainland Only

“Mental Clarity”

- Calm  
- Angelic  Connection
- Release 
- Spiritual Awakening
- Protection

Chakra: Crown

Where should this be placed:

Anywhere in the house.  Selenite in the hallway is good too, as it keeps out bad influences. 
Selenite  A flight of                  
Prices range from:
£45.00 depending upon weight.

*NB. Selenite does not like water  do not submerge or soak.

Giant Selenite Columns flat tops 20" tall & about 6kg. - SOLD OUT


  “Spiritual Calmness”    
           Emotional Stability
           Meditation & Sleep

    Chakra:  Brow/Third Eye

Quiet, reflective and deeply calming, computer room Hallway Entrance hall, Conservatory, as well as meditation room, clinic.Where should this be placed:

Amethyst is ideal for a your living room or bedroom, promoting  relaxation and sleep in a southwest position (Really good for Aura Cleansing.)


“Self Acceptance”
Chakra:     All Chakras